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Dems Face Backlash After Expediting Trump Judicial Nominees So They Can Get Home Faster

Dems Face Backlash After Expediting Trump Judicial Nominees So They Can Get Home Faster
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The people are left scratching their heads at what looks like a huge betrayal by Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

In a quiet side deal Schumer (N.Y.) sided with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) to rush through 15 nominations for Donald Trumps choices to lifetime federal court seats. Leaving many to wonder why. Apparently, according to reports, the Dems wanted to get get home so they could continue campaigning.

This is a major blow to all the communities the Democratic Party claims to protect, the LGBTQ, women's health groups and minorities in danger of having their voting rights stripped. As it stands now 1 in 7 circuit court seat is occupied by a conservative judge appointed by Trump. If that doesn't terrify you, what will?

The people are furious over this decision and are demanding answers. Many question if the Democratic party is really fighting hard enough or is #Resist is simply a talking point.

Brian Fallon, who used to be Schumer's chief spokesperson, said about the move:"

Trading this many lifetime positions away for a couple days back home in the dead of August is a metaphor for how myopic the Democrats' approach has been at this dark moment in history. An entire branch of government is being lost for generations, and Senate Democrats are willfully blind to it. In the coming months and years, these same Democrats will issue outraged statements about the rulings issued by the very judges that they could not be bothered to try to slow down. It is pathetic.

The people agree. It's pathetic.

But others disagreed and thought talk like this would split up the party.

But Adam Jentleson, Public Affairs Director for Democracy Forward, broke down what the Democrats should have done in a series of tweets.

Do you think the Democrats are slacking or giving it all they've got?

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