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'NewsRadio' Star Dave Foley Shares Drawing Of His UFO Encounter—And Assures Fans He's Not Joking

'NewsRadio' Star Dave Foley Shares Drawing Of His UFO Encounter—And Assures Fans He's Not Joking
Jeremy Chan/Getty Images

Dave Foley, the star of 90s sitcom News Radio and iconic Canadian sketch comedy show Kids in the Hall, has Twitter transfixed with an eyebrow-raising tale from his past.

But this story isn't about behind-the-scenes Hollywood gossip. It's about the UFO he says he had an encounter with, and no, he's not joking.

Foley shared a drawing of what he says he saw earlier this year, and it's got people intrigued to say the least. See his tweet about it below.

Along with the drawing of a yellow object with three glowing lights on it, Foley tweeted:

"After years of interest in the UFOS without ever seeing anything, I saw something."
"This is a drawing of what I saw. I was with a friend who I’ll let decide if he wants to be attached to this."
"It moved silently, at great speed,hovered and pulsated with light."

Foley added more details about what he saw in a follow-up tweet.

"I should point out, the white lights were on the front of the craft, assuming that it was moving forward and those lights pulsated separately from the body of the craft, which also pulsate"

Interesting! But this is all an elaborate joke, right? Well it doesn't seem so. After a fan asked Foley if this was just some kind of a bit about a "marshmallow calzone," he emphatically stated that he was 100% serious about what he saw.

In other responses to other fans, Foley said that he not only knows others who've seen similar things, but he knows people in Hollywood who have but are afraid to speak out for fear of the mockery that would ensue damaging their careers.

Foley also said the UFO, which he saw near Los Angeles in January, appeared to be about the size of a Greyhound bus, and that it appeared to be "under intelligent control."

On Twitter, people were definitely intrigued by Foley's story

And plenty of people had similar stories of their own.

It's a lot easier to believe Foley nowadays after our own government and military have copped to the existence of UFOs, though they've been careful to say they've never found any evidence of alien life.

But of course that's exactly what they would say...