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Dave Chappelle Perfectly Calls Out The Hypocrisy Of Capitol Rioters Who Condemned Colin Kaepernick

Dave Chappelle Perfectly Calls Out The Hypocrisy Of Capitol Rioters Who Condemned Colin Kaepernick
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Dave Chappelle has a few things to say about the Capitol rioters, and he's not holding back.

In "Redemption Song," a 10-minute stand-up clip posted to Instagram on Thursday, Chappelle expertly skewered the insurrectionists who laid siege to the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

In his set, Chappelle pointed out the stunning hypocrisy of the often-violent far-right's constant castigation of Colin Kaepernick for his peacefully protesting racial injustice by simply "taking a knee" during the national anthem.

Chappelle threw the rioters' shocking actions into stark relief.

"Watch the tapes. Watch that crowd that told Colin Kaepernick he can't kneel during a football game trying to beat a police officer to death with an American flag. Look at that sh*t."

Chappelle also laid waste to the idea of "White grievance" that inspired many of the rioters.

"White people felt what Black people have been feeling for 400 years for 30 minutes, and they stormed the Capitol and rubbed their sh*t on the walls."

In the end, seven people lost their lives either during or as a result of the coup attempt at the Capitol.

Five people, including the police officer Chappelle referenced in his set, died during the riot itself. And in the aftermath of the insurrection, two police officers traumatized by the experience have committed suicide.

The contrast with Kaepernick's 2016 protests--for which he was summarily fired from and shunned by the National Football League--could not be more stark. And yet Kaepernick has been consistently demonized by both the right-wing rank-and-file and elites, including former Republican President Donald Trump.

He has been accused of everything from reverse racism to treason, a crime so serious it is subject to a minimum prison sentence of five years and a $10,000 fine, as several January 6 rioters may find out in the coming weeks and months. More than 200 people have been charged with crimes so far for their participation in the Capitol riots.

On social media, people applauded Chappelle for his perfect takedown of the so-called Capitol "patriots."

Chappelle also announced in his set his beloved early-2000's Comedy Central series Chappelle's Show will soon be available on Netflix following a long battle with ViacomCBS, which previously licensed the show for streaming without paying him.