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Dating App Bumble Removes Politics Filter After Women Allegedly Tricked Rioters Into Sending Them Incriminating Messages

Shay Horse/NurPhoto via Getty Images

While most of the Capitol rioters were allowed to leave the building without facing arrest, the days following the attempted coup have painted a very different picture.

Since January 6, when the insurrection occurred, the FBI has delved into Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Parler and Reddit to find troves of evidence that incriminated many of the rioters.

Most of it was posted by the rioters themselves.

That investigative work, along with the a call for civilians to provide tips and information, has led to the arrest of 100 insurrectionists so far.

And according to Daily Dot, another unlikely source of evidence has recently cropped up: the dating app Bumble.

It began when some women Bumble users in the Washington, DC area began to notice several profiles that appeared to belong to Trump supporters in town for the the insurrection.

It didn't take long for some women to begin exploiting the boastful members of the mob and passing the evidence along.

The use of the political preference setting to sniff out insurrectionists was only a viable strategy for so long, however. Bumble eventually removed the setting from the app.

This created a pretty sizable backlash from many Bumble users

Bumble, on its heels, fired off another Tweet to expand on the policy decision and try to save face.

That statement didn't manage to calm the critics at all.

As the FBI continues to investigate, and require as much information as possible to do so successfully, we'll see what other ideas internet users come up with to gather incriminating evidence.

When a whole Twitter universe of people put their heads together, it's hard to even imagine the ingenuity that might come out.