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Traffic can be a real pain in the butt, especially when both cars and planes are involved!

Shocking dashcam footage from Markham, Ontario, captured the moment an unsuspecting driver came within feet of being hit by a crashing plane.

The pilot and passenger of the plane both suffered minor injuries, but the incident wasn't nearly as deadly as it might have been.

The highway was shut down so authorities could deal with the incident.

Twitter was immensely glad they weren't behind the driver's seat when a PLANE changed lanes unexpectedly.

It was pretty easy to crack jokes since everyone walked away safe and sound!

There's no place quite as crazy as the 404...

People on social media wondered what it'd be like having to report an accident between your car and a plane.

Other people were reminded of a classic viral vine:

This clip certainly makes a case for separating highways and airports by a WIDE margin.

One second could have made all the difference...

Investigators are working to determine how and why the plane crashed, but, in the meantime, we can at least all be grateful that no one was seriously hurt in an accident that could have been a lot worse.


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