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Daily Show' Reporter Confronts Matt Gaetz Over 'Insurrection Reenactment' With Epically Shady Question

Daily Show' Reporter Confronts Matt Gaetz Over 'Insurrection Reenactment' With Epically Shady Question

One year since the January 6 Capitol riot and insurrection and there are some lessons to be learned. People are looking back on the event with a mixture of relief it didn’t go further, but also fear those who stoked the event still walk free.

One of those is Republican Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida. The MAGA minion cheerleader decided to spend the 1 year anniversary honoring the “patriotic Americans” who took part in the riot.

Luckily, Jordan Klepper of The Daily Show was there to catch the magic.

Klepper, who accidentally wound up in the middle of the Capitol riot last year, returned to the scene of the multiple crimes which resulted in multiple deaths,over 100 injuries to law enforcement and millions of dollars in damages.

During the segment, Klepper interviewed Trump supporters and questioned their supposed respect for the President, while also wearing a shirt that says “F*** Biden.”

Part way through the segment, Klepper turned his attention to Gaetz who, along with Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, planned to retrace the steps of the march on the Capitol by the rioters to honor them.

However, instead of walking it, Gaetz almost immediately got in an SUV to drive away.

Klepper was able to ask Gaetz a few questions though—none of which Gaetz answered.

This included:

“Hey Matt Gaetz, if you’re going to reenact the events of January 6, who’s going to take a sh** in the rotunda and also, who’s going to make the gallows?”

And the absolute zinger:

“Isn’t this a little bit childish, Matt? Or is that what attracts you to this?”

The latter question references the allegations facing Gaetz for sleeping with a minor—though the Republican Congressman initially pointed out age of sexual consent laws as a defense—and transporting her across state lines, among other charges.

The moment was too good for the internet to not notice.

The video continued with Klepper interviewing others who see the January 6 rioters as heroes. This included people holding a vigil for the insurrectionists currently in prison.

When asked about the prisoners locked up for attacking the Capitol Police, the interviewee stumbled over his thoughts.

Others talked about the day like it was a celebration, while Klepper asked very pointed and funny questions shining a light on the discrepancies in their beliefs.

And everyone agreed, we don’t deserve Jordan Klepper.

Gaetz may want to stop talking about the January 6 riot, as every time he opens his mouth, he either puts his foot in or someone tells him to shut it.

Like last week, when Democratic Representative Maxine Waters of California did exactly that.