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TikToker Creeped Out After Friend's Dad Texts Her To See If She Wants To Get Drinks With Him

TikToker Creeped Out After Friend's Dad Texts Her To See If She Wants To Get Drinks With Him

Please say sike...

A woman is going viral on TikTok after revealing to viewers the unlikely suitor she encountered, and TikTokers are not impressed by the potential relationship candidate.

TikTok personality @amberpozzii recently entered into the viral TikTok category after posting a brief video that showed viewers her friend's dad was making uncomfortable, unwanted advances on her.


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The rather texts left many TikTokers with a bad taste in their mouths and quite a few opinions on the circumstances, with many urging her to inform her friend and anyone else she trusts to disclose the information to.




The 48 second video has been viewed over 1 million times on TikTok, received close to 210,000 likes and had almost 2,400 comments.

The video began with Amber on screen with text that read:

"My friend's dad is sending me strange messages at night."

Amber then turned on the light in her room and said:

"It's literally almost midnight."
"Just look at the texts I just received from my friend's dad."
"He must be 58, no judging."

She then repeated the word "dad" with even more emphasis to drive the point home the situation was truly uncomfortable for her.


The video then cut to a stitch of a text conversation between Amber and her friend's dad.

The conversation started out innocent enough with Amber receiving a message that read:

"Hi Amber... this is Chris. Emily's dad."

Not thinking anything of the seemingly harmless message, Amber responded with:

"i have your number! hi."

Her friend's father responded:

"What're you up to ?"

Confused by the line of inquiry, Amber told Chris she wasn't with Emily at the moment. Chris' response to this information was when things began to take a strange and uncomfortable turn for Amber.

Emily's father responded by saying:

"I know. I was just curious."


The video then cut back to Amber who could be heard saying:

“Is that not like a little weird at this time of night? In general!”

She then questioned:

“I should probably text back. Should I?"
"I can’t, I can’t. He just asked if I was free."
"Why, why does this happen to me?”

The conversation then devolved even further when the father asked Amber if she'd like to go for drinks with him sometime. He requested Amber keep the interaction between the two of them, adding an even more disturbing tone to the whole interaction.

Amber elected to stop responding, hoping to put a stop to the unsolicited interaction.

As soon as Amber was tucked back into her bed she received one more message.

This time it was a selfie of her friend's father which prompted Amber to burst into tears.




Based on the direction this conversation went, it would seem sleepovers at Emily's house don't appear to be in Amber's future.