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The Republican National Committee gave high marks for Donald Trump in what they believe was a victorious State of the Union address.

"Wonderful," "Incredible," "Stirring," "Inspiring," and "Genuinely Moving" are just some of the adjectives the RNC used to describe the SOTU speech on the GOP website.

While there were certainly moments deserving of praise sprinkled throughout, the speech was equally bipartisan and divisive. Though Trump made a sweeping demand for unity, he called out Democrats for their resistance against his border wall and called for an end to "partisan investigation," which was a direct reference to the ongoing investigation into Russian collusion.

Still, in the eyes of the RNC, everything about the speech was gold.

On Wednesday, the GOP tweeted an article describing, "Just a few of the words being used to describe @realDonaldTrump's #SOTU Address."

Twitter, however, saw other adjectives to describe their own take-away from the SOTU address.


Some had more than just three words to adequately define the address speaker.

Some were more succinct and summed it all up in one word.

Despite much-touted success from the RNC, the Huffington Post noted that not all conservatives agreed with the SOTU praise.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter was irked by Trump's failure to secure the $5.7 billion in funding for the border wall and tweeted her disappointment over the lack of coverage on all things related to the Mexican barrier.

"'Golden beaches of California'"? This was the lamest, sappiest, most intentionally tear-jerking SOTU ever," she tweeted, in part.

Former Republican Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum also had some notes for the president, saying, "This was probably the worst delivered speech I've heard Donald Trump give."

Santorum picked apart Trump's speech delivery in a CNN interview.

"He ran over his lines...he didn't deliver his punchlines, he would deliver a line and go to the next issue and I don't think he even realized he was moving onto the next issue."

Sure, Trump's call for "unity" was ducky when he asserted, "We must reject the politics of revenge, resistance and retribution -- and embrace the boundless potential of cooperation, compromise and the common good."

But when you hear the words coming from someone notorious for habitually lying, his grand overture bears minimal credence.

However, the GOP's Twitter thread favorably describing the SOTU address was, in one word, priceless.

We're wondering how someone even came up with this very elaborate plan.

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