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Woman's Creepy Text Exchange With Man She Barely Knows Has Everyone Saying 'I've Seen This Movie Before'

@Lyndahx (Twitter)

We've all experienced or witnessed someone getting creeped on by a stranger before.

It is always uncomfortable and sometimes unsettling.

One woman met a stranger on a train who took "creeper" to a whole new level.

Lynda is a 20-year-old student from Bromsgrove, England. Last week she met a man on the train.

They had a brief conversation but didn't exchange contact information.

Regarding their interaction, Lynda said:

"It was general small talk about the weather and stuff. I initially didn't notice him, and I can't say I'd ever seen him before either."

However, the man tracked her down and sent her a series of texts.

Lynda took to her Twitter feed to seek advice about how she should react.

@Lyndahx (Twitter)

Lynda also spoke with BuzzFeed News about the interaction and shared screenshots of the texts.

@Lyndahx (Twitter)

@Lyndahx (Twitter)

@Lyndahx (Twitter)

@Lyndahx (Twitter)

Numerous people encouraged her to go to the authorities, but after ruminating for a bit, Lynda made her decision.

"For now I don't think I will. Although it has made me slightly paranoid, it is just a one-off occurrence and he hasn't tried to speak to me again."

People are totally freaked out by this guy's actions.

Others were appalled by the behavior of her still unidentified friend who shared her number.

And others find the story to be eerily reminiscent of the Netflix series You.

Men, please don't do this sh*t.