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MAGA Podcasters Reminisce About Beating Up Kids With Gay Parents In Bonkers Video

Conservative 'Crosstalk' podcasters Edward Szall, Lauren Witzke and Vincent James recently talked about longing for a time when they could 'beat up the kid at school who had two dads,' noting that it didn't make them 'jerks.'

Screenshot of podcasters Edward Szall, Lauren Witzke and Vincent James

Homophobic MAGA podcasters Edward Szall, Lauren Witzke and Vincent James were criticized after they came together for a discussion on whether it was acceptable for children to assault their peers.

In their right-wing podcast, CrossTalk, the trio expressed nostalgia for a time when they would attack children with same-sex parents, lamenting that they weren't criticized for such actions back then. They collectively advocated for physical violence against gay kids and the children of LGBTQ+ families, a stance reflecting their deeply bigoted perspectives.

Szall said:

“There used to be a day and age [when] it was just bad for the kid. When you think about the kid in the situation; we beat up the kid at school who had two dads. And we weren’t jerks for that, that’s just what we did.”
"I mean, if you think about the kid in this situation, [having two dads] was just bad for the kids.”

Intervening in the conversation, Witzke suggested that assaulting children was a means of enforcing societal standards, adding that she believed LGBTQ+ youth “need to go back in the closet.”

James, who recently openly expressed a desire for a society where gay individuals are thrown off buildings and their children are taken by government task forces, concurred, noting that in his younger years, kids who appeared "obviously gay" would pretend otherwise to evade bullying and physical violence.

You can hear what they said in the video below.

Many have condemned the trio's blatant homophobia and calls for violence.

The CrossTalk trio have propagated several false claims and conspiracies on CrossTalk previously and Witzke in particular is currently being sued by a gay couple for claiming that they're pedophiles.

The podcast was established following Szall and Witzke’s exit from the extreme right-wing network TruNews, which pro-Trump businessman Mike Lindell criticized as a purveyor of “fake news."

Witzke, who once referred to Teletubbies as “little gay demons,” also asserted that several TruNews staff members contracted COVID-19 because right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos¸—who has frequently appeared on the podcast, was battling “demonic spirits” following his declaration of being “ex-gay."