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Stand-Up Comic Pete Holmes Unknowingly Told Malia Obama To 'Shut The F–k Up' At One Of His Shows

Stand-Up Comic Pete Holmes Unknowingly Told Malia Obama To 'Shut The F–k Up' At One Of His Shows
Team Coco/Youtube, Robert Kamau/Getty Images

Comedian Pete Holmes spoke out about a major mishap recently.

It involved a distracting audience member who also happens to be, ya know, the former President Barack Obama's daughter.

Holmes recalled the story while making a guest appearance on Conan, explaining his distaste for chatty audiences.

But this pet peeve led to a very embarrassing moment, to say the least.

While performing in a show at The Comedy Studio in Boston, Holmes took notice of two young women in the front row.

"What a Black Mirror nightmare," Holmes said of the incident. "To be doing stand up and there's two attractive girls, which is what made every nerd into a comedian, in the front row, whispering and laughing."
"I go on last and I tell a joke, and they're whispering and laughing and giggling, and I'm just like, 'What's going on, I can see you!'"

After the first offense, Holmes politely asked them what was so funny. They continued to whisper as the show went on, and Holmes quickly lost his patience.

Holmes asked them once again to "please cut it out," and when it started up yet again, things got real.

"At a certain point I take the curtain, and I go 'I don't care, enjoy the show, however I just don't want to see you.' And I cover them with the curtain. I thought this would get a big laugh, right? Nothing. The whole audience turns on me."

By then, it was clear that something was up.

But it wasn't until after the show when he was told it was none other than Malia Obama, daughter of former President Barack Obama, sitting in the front row.

"Why wasn't I shot?" Holmes asked Conan in the interview.

Twitter had some strong reactions to the story, with everyone finding it just as cringey as he did.

Let's hope that Holmes is more self-aware next time there's a VIP at his show.