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Cindy Crawford Just Recreated Her Iconic 1992 Pepsi Super Bowl Ad For A New Music Video

The supermodel sports a white tank top and blue denim shorts once again in That Chick Angel’s music video for the remix of 'One Margarita (Margarita Song).'

(R) Cindy Crawford drinking a can of Pepsi; (L) Cindy Crawford drinking margarita
Pepsi; That Chick Angel TV/YouTube

American supermodel Cindy Crawford looked stunning as ever in a new music video in which she recreated her look from the iconic 1992 Pepsi Super Bowl ad.

In the high-profile soft drink promo that aired during Super Bowl XXVI, Crawford pulled up to a gas station and exited the vehicle wearing a white tank top and blue denim cutoffs to purchase a can of Pepsi from a vending machine as two boys nearby looked on, captivated by her presence.

No one else came close to making quenching your thirst a steamy endeavor the way Crawford did.

A video for the iconic commercial can be seen here.

Now, 31 years later, Crawford donned the same outfit and gorgeous brown tresses for a playful cameo in a new music video for That Chick Angel’s “One Margarita (Margarita Song)."

This time, instead of pulling up to a gas station, Crawford pulled up to a cantina somewhere south of the border wearing the same outfit from the Pepsi ad.

This time, she came to cool off with a refreshing cocktail instead of a can of Pepsi.

As she strolled over to the bar with her familiar gait, the supermodel who once graced magazine covers and runways around the world demonstrated that, even at 57, beauty never fades.

After sensually knocking back a margarita in slow-motion, the dreamlike reverie was abruptly cut short in a hilarious manner by the music artist.

That Chick Angel bumped the fashion icon off the bar stool and kicked things off with her tune.

You can watch That Chick Angel's music video here.

Twitter users raised their glasses for the flawless cameo.

That Chick Angel is actress and comedian Angel Laketa Moore who also co-hosts the weekly podcast Is This Going to Cause an Argument?

She wrote "One Margarita" with TikTok music artist Casa Di and Steve Terrell–a writer, actor, producer, and director–before it became viral on TikTok in June.

The song has explicit lyrics about what a woman who has one too many drinks does.

Moore said the song was a reaction to hearing a sermon from a Evangelical Christian mouthpiece Cynthia Smock who is known for her sex-shaming and anti-LGBTQ+ views.

Moore told Huffington Post:

“I grew up Christian, I identify as Christian, but I know there’s a lot of shame put on sexuality and sexual expression."
“To even talk about anal sex in a song—or a woman saying, ‘Ima put it in your bum’—is not something you hear every day.”
“But if that’s how you get down, if you’re someone who is consenting, go’ head!"
"If it’s your style, go ahead and sing about it.”

The song featured in the music video was a remix featuring rapper Saucy Santana–who also collaborated with Madonna in 2020 for a remix of her song "Material Girl" that was retitled "Material Gworrllllllll!"

Eagle-eyed viewers may find an easter egg in the video with the bottle of Casamigos, the brand of tequila that Crawford's husband and former model Rande Gerber co-founded with actor George Clooney.