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Christina Applegate Rips Troll Who Blamed Her Appearance On 'Bad' Plastic Surgery, Not MS

The 'Dead to Me' star made the 'unfortunate decision' to engage with an online troll who made cruel comments about her appearance at the Critics' Choice Awards.

Christina Applegate
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Critics Choice Association

Christina Applegate graced the Critics' Choice Awards on Sunday in an chic black suit complete with her designer walking stick and clever Dead to Me manicure featuring the names "Jen" and "Judy"—hers and co-star Linda Cardellini's character names in the Netflix series.

Applegate was nominated for best actress in a comedy series.

Applegate—who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2021—opted out of the red carpet prior to the ceremony due to mobility issues but was later photographed during and after the event.

Sadly, an online troll made a harsh comment about Applegate's appearance, but the actor was having none of it and DMd the woman to let her know. Applegate took to Twitter to explain what went down.

She tweeted:

"Sooooo I made the unfortunate decision to look at some comments on an article from [People] mag about me and my kids at the CCA."
"Of course I told her that it wasn't nice."
"This was her reply. What is wrong with people."
"By the way, I laughed."

Applegate posted a screenshot of the reply from the online troll which said:

"MS didn't make you look that way a plastic surgeon did."
"And you are a scammer and are not Christina Applegate."

The message finished:

"And a bad plastic surgeon at that."

Fans were quick to defend Applegate, stating she was beautiful as always.

Many also advised Applegate against paying any attention to trolls.

And many reminded the star some people are just simply cruel and toxic and comments made by trolls should not be taken to heart.

Applegate opened up to The New York Timesin November about her diagnosis and its impact on her appearance.

She shared of the last season of Dead to Me:

"I put on 40 pounds. I can't walk without a cane."
"I want people to know that I am very aware of all of that."

Indeed, no one needs online trolls telling them about their appearance.