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Chris Pratt Just Posted A Disgusting Photo Of His 'Met Gala Look'—And Now We Can't Unsee It

The Marvel star, who was not actually at the 2023 Met Gala, posted an image of his toenail—and it doesn't look pretty.

Chris Pratt
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Disney

Coverage of the Met Gala this past week has been mostly positive, reporting who wore what and whether people kept to the stated theme or dressed against it.

Actor Chris Pratt, who was not there, finally posted his own take on his "outfit," which was basically a picture of an gnarly looking toe on his Instagram.

Yuck! People responded viscerally to the post, as one usually does when confronted with an inflamed-looking toenail in one's social media feed.

The first and most common reaction was "ew, no."



Urging him to get help, someone made reference to Guardians of the Galaxy, which Pratt stars in.


Someone else referenced Lil Nas X's iconic outfit in comparison.


Others leaned into the disgust and made it worse, comparing the toe picture to food it reminded them of.




Finally, however, people in the comments offered useful advice. Thanks, helpful strangers!



Here's hoping Pratt is up and around for his current round of premiers for the newest in the Guardians series.