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Woman Goes Off On Guy For Using Cellphone In Public Because His 'Blue Waves' Are Harming Others

Woman Goes Off On Guy For Using Cellphone In Public Because His 'Blue Waves' Are Harming Others

A woman was caught on video reprimanding a man who was using his cellphone because she claimed it would have harmful effects on his brain and on the environment.

TikToker "scarns", a.k.a. @syddc22, shared two clips of the self-proclaimed neuropsychologist having a confrontation with a man arguing against her misinformed agenda.

The videos went viral with over one million views combined.

The TikToker captioned the first video with an apology:

"Sorry for the language but just another day another [entitled woman]! felt the need to yell at us for being on our phones in public."

WARNING: explicit language


sorry for the language but just another day another karen! felt the need to yell at us for being on our phones in public#SHEINcares #fyp

"I don't care," the woman said in the video, telling the guy confronting her, "you're a millennial. Just die."

Seeing as the woman appeared older than him, the guy quipped, "well, you'll die before me."

He continued:

"You're a neuropsychologist who knows nothing about f'king neuroscience. And you're going to go around preaching misinformation."

Completely tuning him out, she repeatedly interrupted him, and said, "Guess what? I'm older than you so I've had a longer life."

Pointing out the obvious, he replied, "That's how that works."




In the second video, the woman perpetuated her conspiracy theory about cellphone towers.

"Every time these wires go up, they're frying our brains, they're frying the trees," she claimed.

When the guy asked, "Says who?" she replied, "says me."

The man then asked why he would listen to her and what made her an authority on anything, she responded with, "you feel it. Everyone feels it."

When asked to be more specific about what her unnerving sensation was, she failed to describe it after an awkward pause and said, "Well, I'm sorry you don't feel it."

Staying determined, the guy continued challenging her.

"Why don't you tell me in your medical, professional opinion what this feels like?"

She replied:

"I feel the ringing. Ringing in my ears. Do you feel ringing in your ears?"

Other members in his group said they didn't feel the ringing.


Reply to @nutellaqueenlovinglife part 2 for those who wanted it

She continued, "Okay, I feel ringing in my ears, um, you can have numbness in your feet."

The back and forth continued with him replying:

"Well that's never happened. What are the underlying medical problems? Think about that."

"Maybe I'm closer…I'm very close to the wires," she said.

Someone in the group told the woman, "Then you should probably move."

To which the woman replied:

"And the cellphone towers are pointed toward my apartment, but I'm just using myself as an example."

When another person in the group asked the guy how the interaction started, he explained that she approached him while his friends were in the coffee shop because she saw he was on his cellphone.

She proceeded to tell him that his "blue waves are harming other people," and that it was "a f'king problem."

People in the comments mocked the woman and gave their own diagnosis about the "ringing" in her ears.






Others were dumbfounded and tried to make heads or tails of the unsolicited encounter.



The clip ended with someone saying, "We should leave."