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Madison Cawthorn Dragged After Admitting To Crowd That 'I Don't Have A Whole Lot Of Wisdom'

Madison Cawthorn Dragged After Admitting To Crowd That 'I Don't Have A Whole Lot Of Wisdom'
Pete Marovich/ Getty Images

Republican Representative Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina is getting the royal Twitter treatment after a confession that surprised no one.

During a Buncombe County Republican Men’s Club meeting, the 26-year-old Representative admitted he is lacking in the "wisdom" department.

He said to the audience:

“I have a lot of zeal. I have a lot of charisma. I’ve got a lot of aggression."
"But I realize at 26 years old, I don’t have a whole lot of wisdom."

Watch the video below:

His latest comments came after taking notably questionable stances on issues including referring to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as a "thug" and contributing to inciting the January 6 insurrection.

Being the youngest Representative to serve in Congress, many found his confession to be entirely accurate.

Some people are calling it the:

"Understatement of the year, 'I don't have a lot of wisdom'."

One person tweeted:

"No wisdom; [social] Media could've clued you to that revelation in 30 seconds. Free too .. "

Others are happy with his newfound honesty:

"This just might be the first time Madison Cawthorn spoke the truth ..."

Someone else said:

"This is exactly the problem with today’s @GOP."
"No wisdom, nothing but aggression."
"Cawthorn is just one of many."

Talk of another term has many worried.

Cawthorn is up for reelection this November, and North Carolina constituents have seemingly had enough.

One person said:

"Please NC make him a one term Congressman."
"This immature boy has no life experience nor brains to be in the position he is in."

Cawthorn made the statement while comparing himself to his "mentor" Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, explaining why his guidance is important to him.

Many thought this was the root of the problem:

Someone tweeted the following:

"The fact that he seeks the counsel of Newt Gingrich is Exhibit A that Madison Cawthorn lacks wisdom."

Another person said:

"Understatement of the *century*. Proof?"
"ANYONE looking for wisdom or truth from @newtgingrich."

And another:

"Newt Gingrich doesn't 'have a lot of wisdom' either Madison Cawthorn."

Interestingly, their policy plans—and stories—don't align.

Cawthorn proposed a modified policy proposed by Gingrich while he was Speaker of the House in 1994. Although he said he spoke with the former Speaker about it, Gingrich denied this, saying he never even had a substantive conversation with Cawthorn.

When asked if he supported the plan, Gingrich said:

“I’m for a lot of different guys having ideas.”

One person commented on their alleged relationship, saying:

"Rep. Madison Cawthorn Tells Audience: 'I Don't Have A Whole Lot Of Wisdom' ... And then he says Gingrich is his mentor & Newt says they’ve hardly ever talked!
Get him out! And lock him up for trying to overthrow our govt!"

Following a slew of unfavorable comments and far-right extremist stances, many are hoping for Cawthorn's political demise come November.