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Cardi B Unloads On Dallas Middle Schoolers Caught On Video Throwing Chair At Substitute Teacher

Cardi B Unloads On Dallas Middle Schoolers Caught On Video Throwing Chair At Substitute Teacher
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic; @FinchCoach/Twitter

Rapper Cardi B had no patience for the younger generation who act out their violent impulses in the classroom.

"Disgusting this generation is really lost," wrote the rapper after seeing a viral video of a substitute teacher being struck in the forehead by a chair thrown by one of the middle school students.

"I went to school wit a lot of gangstas and no matter what they never put their hands on a teacher."
"Kids this is not respected, not cool, not funny, not tough, not gangsta ….it’s giving y’all pussy."

The beginning of the viral clip showed the substitute teacher at DeSoto ISD in a suburb of Dallas struggling to control his disruptive middle school students.

When the metal chair thrown by a pupil hit the teacher's forehead, he retaliated by throwing two chairs in the direction of the raucous students who gathered into a corner of the room.

There is screaming, shouting and some laughter over the display of anarchy.

The clip ended with the injured adult sitting back down at the teacher's desk and wiping blood from the open wound on his forehead.

Social media users were appalled after watching the chaotic scene.

Some tried to identify the root of the problem while others suggested ways to prevent the unruly behavior.

DeSoto ISD responded to the horrific incident and released a statement that read:

“DeSoto ISD is intent on re-establishing a culture and climate that emphasizes safety, security, and educational excellence.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a devastating number of teacher shortages in the United States, with many educators leaving or retiring early due to low wages after working nearly 10-hour days.

One TikToker who is a fourth-grade teacher from Cleveland did a calculation video breaking down his work schedule to reveal he made $14 an hour before taxes.

Yahoo News cited a survey conducted by the Learning Policy Institute that found that one-third of those who left their teaching positions in November 2021 reported working “56 hours or more” per week.

Roughly another one-third of school officials reportedly admitted to taking on additional work in order to make ends meet.

“64 percent of respondents said their pay wasn’t sufficient to merit the risk or stress,” the data noted.