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TikToker Panics After Her Car Starts Flooding While She's In The Middle Of Getting A Car Wash

TikToker Panics After Her Car Starts Flooding While She's In The Middle Of Getting A Car Wash

When someone pays a visit to the car wash, they assume when they exit they'll have car that looks good as new on the outside.

An interior wash isn't generally an expected part of the experience, however.

TikToker Sydney Shibuya, AKA @theshibshow, had exactly that experience during a trip through an automatic car wash recently.

Luckily for the internet at large, Shibuya had her phone out and was browsing TikTok when soapy water began rushing into her car from under the dashboard.

She quickly started recording as soon as she saw the water and can be heard panicking in the background.

"Oh my God, I don’t know what to do."
"I don’t want an inside of my car wash."

what is happening… someone pls explain #carwashfails #sendhelplol

The comments on Shibuya's video were mostly jokes.










But a few people genuinely tried to help.



Shibuya took her car to the mechanic soon after her car wash adventure and discovered exactly what the problem was.

As a few users had predicted, the drainage holes that should have allowed the water to drain away under rhe vehicle were clogged with debris.

In an update video, she shared video of the mechanic explaining:

"Your drains were clogged on the exterior under your hood. One drain there, and another drain there, had leaves debris blocking the drains causing it to build up, which would then leak into [...] your AC right through that opening, causing all the water to go in."

The problem was quickly and easily fixed.

"We cleared it out, this is the after, we’re still clearing it on this side. You should be good to go."

She shared some further details about her vehicle, a 2015 Nissan Versa, in her update video.

“I’ve never had the windshield replaced. I’ve had it since 2018. I’ve never had a problem before with car washes."

She also shared a couple of safety tips others had shared in the comments of her first video.

"Just a couple things to keep in mind, never open your door in a car wash, never roll down your windows. Yes, I should have honked my horn as soon as it started to happen."

If you have a vehicle, now might be a good time to check your drains for debris so you don't get an unexpected interior wash during your next car wash trip.