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Candace Owens Slammed After Saying Women Are 'Batsh*t Insane' To Think Lizzo Is Beautiful

Lizzo fans gave the conservative pundit a piece of their minds after she called out the singer for her 'fat acceptance.'

Candace Owens; Lizzo
Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images; Jim Dyson/Getty Images

Lizzo’s fans have come to her defense after conservative mouthpiece Candace Owens body-shamed the pop star on social media. Owens sparked controversy after criticizing Lizzo for posting a revealing photo on Instagram, which she captioned with a motivational message about self-confidence.

Owens wrote:

"If you peep comments on any of Lizzo's 'fat acceptance' photos, you will undoubtedly find a score of bats**t insane women telling her that she looks beautiful."
"Men do not lie to other men in this way. They do not pretend that clinical obesity is beauty."

Owens made the remark in response to her own transphobic and fatphobic post in which she stated:

"Only women could be emotionally manipulated into supporting their own eradication via support for 'trans men'."
"Only women could be fooled into supporting a death cult of 'fat acceptance'."
"Today’s cultural battles prove that women are more irrational and emotional than men."

You can see her posts below.

Twitter screenshot of @RealCandaceO's post about Lizzo@RealCandaceO/Twitter

Owens' comments prompted a backlash from Lizzo's fans and people who aren’t fans of body-shaming.

Many accused Owens of promoting a negative body image.

Throughout her career, Lizzo has been subject to body shaming and has inspired other women because of her stance on body positivity and her self-confidence.

Lizzo has been vocal about her belief that the body positivity movement has left fat people behind, pointing out that a movement largely spearheaded by fat women of color has been, according to Glamour, "muddled by a blanket call for body acceptance that tends to favor midsize and skinny women who receive praise for accepting their so-called imperfections."

Lizzo has also criticized "fake doctors" who offer armchair diagnoses of people's health conditions in online comments sections. Lizzo has stressed that her body is "no one's business."

She made headlines a few years ago after she told a Twitter user who suggested she is only popular "because there is an obesity epidemic in America" that she is popular because she writes "good songs" and is "talented" much to the annoyance of her detractors.