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NFL Quarterback Hit With Backlash For Whining About Women Who Don't 'Cater To A Man's Needs'

NFL Quarterback Hit With Backlash For Whining About Women Who Don't 'Cater To A Man's Needs'
Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Cam Newton, the former NFL quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, was trending on Twitter this week. However, it’s not because of anything related to the sport.

Instead, comments Newton made about women and their relationship with men drew the ire of the internet, as people were quick to disagree with what was said.

And Newton became the focal point for internet backlash.

Newton appeared on an episode of the podcast Million Dollaz Worth of Game this last Sunday. While he initially talked about the example set by his parents for a relationship, he quickly swerved into sexist territory with his comments.

Newton said:

“Now a women for me is, handling your own but knowing how to cater to a man’s needs. Right?"
"And I think a lot of times when you get that ascetic of ‘I’m a boss bitch, Imma this, Imma that'.”
“But you can’t cook."
"You don’t know when to be quiet."
"You don’t know how to allow a man to lead.”

Men disagreed with Newton's assessment of their needs.

Just before this, Newton was bemoaning self-described "bad bitches."

When asked what he meant, Newton had a hard time defining it.

“A bad bitch is a person who’s just, you know, ‘Girl I’m a bad bitch, I’m doing this, I’m doing that.’ I look the part but I don’t act the part.”

He then claimed to not be calling anyone anything degrading, but using the language of someone who acts like a “boss chick.”

He continued defining his issues with women, dangerous territory considering some of his past comments.

Back in 2017, Newton was in hot water after belittling a reporter for being a woman. When Jourdan Rodrigue, a sports reporter, asked Newton about his teammate embracing the physicality of routes, Newton laughed.

He said:

“It's funny to hear a female talk about routes like—it's funny.”

Rodrigue said when she spoke with him later, Newton did not apologize and said worse things.

So Newton isn’t the kind of person you should really listen to about women.

Newton is currently a free agent after a disastrous season with the Panthers. He had rejoined midway through the season.

Last month it was reported the quarterback has supposed interest from multiple teams, but he is waiting for the “best fit."