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Man Says Neighbor Called The Cops On His Hispanic Mother For Taking A Walk Around The Block At Night

Sometimes it seems there's nothing a non-White person can do in public without the cops being called on them.

Fran Tirado, editor of Out magazine, recently wrote a Twitter thread telling the story of how his mother was recently approached by police for taking a walk at night.

But not out of concern for her own safety.

Tirado's mother takes regular walks to "keep her blood flowing."

Apparently, the sight of a Hispanic woman walking outside at night inspired one of their neighbors to call the police.

There's nothing more threatening than talking to one's self.

The United States has been flooded with similar stories since President Trump took office.

Perhaps it's time to go on the offensive?

Twitter users couldn't believe what Tirado's mother had to deal with for absolutely no reason.

There's no reason to call the cops on people minding their own business.

These mistakes can put innocent people in genuinely dangerous situations.

Though she shouldn't have to, people were inspired to hear that Tirado's mother isn't backing down in the face of racist behavior.

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