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Buzzfeed Just Published Their First Printed Newspaper—And It's Kind Of Genius

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Buzzfeed is one of the most premptive websites for news and memes. Those two things may seem counter-intuitive, but somehow the online publication has managed to turn this business model into a global brand, breaking such important stories as the Christopher Steele Dossier while simultaneously giving you all the funny cat content that you need.

While other publications are shuttering their print editions in favor of moving entirely online, Buzzfeed is doing the opposite. They're going retro and launching a print version.

Check out the best of the internet... in print!

Buzzfeed editor Brandon Hardin handed out the print edition on the streets of NYC.

Check out what the inside looks like!

They even managed to give us the most important gifs in print form.

The print edition is currently only available at three locations in Manhattan.

People were here for it.

Though others couldn't resist quips about the recently reported layoffs at the digital media giant.

But many were still excited.

Excuse us while we run out to get our copy!