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Pete Buttigieg Swiftly Shuts Down Fox News For Trying To Spin Trump's Flurry Of Rallies As A Good Thing

Pete Buttigieg Swiftly Shuts Down Fox News For Trying To Spin Trump's Flurry Of Rallies As A Good Thing
Fox News

Former Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has been making occasional appearances on Fox News, introducing their viewers to a more liberal perspective of politics.

Oftentimes, his answers, which almost always cast the President in a bad light, go viral on Twitter, where liberals love to see Fox News hosts being made to hear some sense.

Buttigieg's most recent appearance was no exception.

He appeared on Fox to pitch Joe Biden's energy policy to the channel's viewers, but his most viral moment was a scathing critique of President Trump's continued campaign rallies.

Buttigieg commented to host Marth MacCallum:

"Yeah, I'm not really sure all of those visits from Donald Trump are really helping him though, right? I look at Omaha, where he left his supporters out freezing in the cold, which is a great metaphor for how he's treated his supporters more generally across the country."
"In Arizona you've got a bunch of people in a rally that has the potential to be a spreader event, which kind of symbolizes his inability to lead us out of this pandemic."

Though some Democrats think Buttigieg visiting Fox News lends the channel too much legitimacy considering the misinformation spread by many of its program, the Indiana native believes he's reaching potential voters.

Buttigieg's point in this clip was a simple one.

How can the President's repeated willingness to harm his own supporters be helpful?

MacCallum seemed a bit flustered by Buttigieg's pushback on President Trump's "strategy."

Many online pointed out that Fox News doesn't seem to care about the actual effect Donald Trump has on real people—only the political implications of his actions.

Whether or not he swayed any conservative voters, Buttigieg certainly made a good impression on his fellow liberals.

Only time will tell whether Buttigieg's appearances on Fox make any difference in the lives of Republicans but at least they're giving him some viral attention on Twitter in the meantime.