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Pete Buttigieg Just Gave A Master Class On How To Deal With A MAGA Heckler At A Biden Rally


In recent weeks, former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has made something of a name for himself as an expertly skilled debater of right-wing ideologues after several appearances on Fox News in which he calmly and clearly rebutted right-wing rhetoric.

Those live on-air arguments seem to have trained him well when he was verbally attacked by a MAGA heckler at a rally for Joe Biden.

Buttigieg pushed back at the guy so skillfully, he even Jedi mind-tricked him into supporting a key left-wing political goal, and the video has the internet cheering.

It all began when, during Buttigieg's speech at the rally, which was held in Tampa, Florida, a heckler in a MAGA hat stepped in front of Buttigieg's podium and began screaming "Trump 2020!" and "Say no to Sleepy Joe Biden!"

At first, Buttigieg simply continued his speech, but when the heckler wouldn't stop, Biden supporters attempted to intervene. Buttigieg told them to stand down because, "we're bigger than him," and then addressed the man directly.

"Okay dude, but can I finish my remarks? Are you afraid to hear what I have to say? Are you afraid to hear what I have to say? Are you afraid to hear what I have to say?"

He then abruptly changed his question.

"Do you denounce white supremacy?"

And, perhaps because he was flustered by Buttigieg's unflappability, the heckler answered, "Yes," as the crowd erupted in cheers and Buttigieg finished this incident with the perfect closing line.

"Good! Then we AGREED on something. That's a beginning point. See if you can get your president to do the same thing."

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Of course, Twitter had an absolute field day with Buttigieg's heckler-handling prowess.

Florida was instrumental to Trump's election in 2016, and is among the most hotly contested states in this year's election. Biden currently leads there by an average of two points in recent polling.