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Bride Upsets Her Parents After Starting Her Wedding Without Them When They Weren't There On Time

Bride Upsets Her Parents After Starting Her Wedding Without Them When They Weren't There On Time
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Weddings are always a little notorious for inspiring some family drama.

This wedding was no exception.

One bride posted in the subReddit Am I the A$$hole this week to ask if she was an a$$hole for starting her wedding on time.

Even though her parents weren't there yet.

In the post by the newlywed, the bride described how she and her then-fiancé made it very clear to the guest and wedding party that the wedding would be starting on time, no matter what.

But when there was only a half hour left before the ceremony was to start, the bride and groom began to call the bride's parents, who were not yet present.

In the end, the bride and groom decided to start the wedding on time. The bride's parents arrived after the entire ceremony was over.

But the twist to the story was the bride's parents were in a fender-bender on the way to the wedding and didn't have cell phones to call and explain.

Reddit user lateparents reached out after all of this unfolded, asking if she was being an a$$hole, knowing what she knows now about why her parents were late.

You can read the original post here:

The responses were a resounding "no," no one in this situation was technically in the wrong for what happened.

The bride was not wrong for wanting to start her wedding on time after not hearing from her parents, and the bride's parents probably would've been on time if they hadn't been in the accident.

Instead, fellow Reddit users are more fixated on a very 2019 question:

Why don't the bride's parents have cell phones yet?

"NAH - you're not an a**hole for starting on time, you had no idea how late they would be. (however I've not been to too many weddings but they did last over 15 mins seemed a bit short but that's not really the issue.) Your parents aren't a**hoels because they were literally in a car crash albeit not huge but this is a legitimate reason to be late to any event. Yes your parents should get cellphones and it would of helped your timing of the event. Yes they will be upset that they missed potentially one of the biggest moments of your life but no one in this situation is an a**hole."
- Queens_BigBoi
"Agree NTA for starting on time. But I don't understand why she is still mad at her parents for being late once she knew what happened. They left home early but got into a car crash. What did the OP want them to do?"
- ThrowAwayFriendSally
"She's probably upset at the fact that it's 2019 and for some reason, her parents refuse to get a cell phone that would have avoided all this drama and would have saved her the stress and upset of wondering for half an hour of wtf they were - not to mention, would have ensured that they could have actually attended the ceremony! I mean at some point you can def be mad at other people for complication a situation when there's a super easy fix - don't even need a smart phone, just some sort of brick that gets cell service so you can make calls in emergencies... like this one."
- crystalzelda
"See, I lean a little NTA because they didn't borrow a phone. If they don't want cell phones, that's fine. But this was an honest-to-God important life event. You find a phone. In the days before cell phones if this happened, someone would have walked or driven to a nearby gas station or house and asked to use the phone, or found a pay phone. In the modern age, the equivalent of finding a landline is that you ask to borrow a cell phone."
- carhelp2017
"This. They didn't bother to borrow a phone from anyone, on one of the most important days of their child's life, and then they had the brass to get mad at OP for not just waiting indefinitely for them? Sorry, that's AH behavior to me. I get why people are saying N A H, but I'm with you, NTA."
- JadelynKaia

It's true that so much of the situation would've been improved—or avoided all together—if everyone had a cell phone at the ready.

Whether or not the bride's parents intend to buy cell phones after this, it's also true to say at least everyone made it to the wedding, and no one was hurt in the accident on the way there.

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