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QAnoner's Family Accuses FBI Of Not Investigating Her Death Because She Was A Capitol Rioter

QAnoner's Family Accuses FBI Of Not Investigating Her Death Because She Was A Capitol Rioter

The family of Rosanne Boyland—who became a devoted adherent to the QAnon conspiracy theory and died during the January 6 storming of the United States Capitol—accused the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of not investigating her death because of her participation in the insurrection.

Asked by MSNBC whether they believe the medical examiner's findings are a sufficient explanation for Boyland's death, a family member suggested Boyland is being ignored because she supported Trump.

"I think they did a rushed, half-hearted investigation because she was a Trump supporter who died doing what she did."

You can watch the family's interview below.

Boyland reportedly surprised her family when she fell down a "rabbit hole" after a lifelong ambivalence to politics. Ultimately she latched onto QAnon, whose believers allege Democrats are part of a Satan-worshipping, baby-eating global pedophile ring that conspired against former President Donald Trump during his time in office.

Boyland can be seen on police body cam videos trying to push past the police line on that day, ultimately losing consciousness and dying in the middle of the human crush on the Capitol steps.

The medical examiner found Boyland, a recovering addict, died of an Adderall overdose.

The family believes not all of the bodycam footage from January 6 has been released and that more information about the circumstances of Boyland's death can be gleaned from that footage.

They added they have had trouble contacting Boyland's friend Justin Winchell, who drove with her to Washington, D.C. that day and witnessed her death, because he has stopped returning their phone calls.

The family's suggestion the FBI has not done its due diligence opened them up to significant criticism and reignited criticism of Boyland's actions on January 6.

Conspiracy theories about Boyland's death have circulated widely in the months since the insurrection, with many QAnon followers and conservatives alleging she had, in fact, been murdered by police officers.

These conspiracies elevated Boyland's name in conservative circles alongside Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by a federal officer after breaching the Capitol and attempting to enter the House chamber after smashing through glass and being warned repeatedly.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) noted in a press release following an investigation of the shooting that they found no evidence the officer had fired his gun without believing it had been "necessary" to do so "in self-defense or in defense of the Members of Congress and others evacuating the House Chamber."