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Boris Johnson Basically Just Threw Trump Under The Bus With His Compliment About Biden

Boris Johnson Basically Just Threw Trump Under The Bus With His Compliment About Biden
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It seems the American people aren't the only ones grateful for our new presidential administration. United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised President Joe Biden after their first meeting.

The two met at the G7 summit in Cornwall, UK for the first time last week.

Biden and Boris Johnson Bump Elbows Ahead of

According to The AP, Johnson described working with Biden as a "breath of fresh air" which many online took as a dig against former president Donald Trump. This is particularly notable as Trump was infamous for his friction with other world leaders.

Johnson elaborated on his relationship with the new president:

"It's new, it's interesting and we're working very hard together. We went on for about an hour and 20 or so. It was a long, long, good session. We covered a huge range of subjects."

He also mentioned that Biden wants to work with the UK on security and climate change.

Johnson throwing shade at Trump surprised some considering Johnson was seen as a Trump ally, and at times was described as the British counterpart to the former president.

But even he feels relief at working with Biden. And people largely concurred.

Biden and Johnson sought to use their first meeting to highlight the nations' commitment to working together, and put aside political differences to handle some crises. However, not everything could be put aside.

The prime minister said that he and Biden were in complete harmony when it comes to protecting the Good Friday Agreement, which was the result of a peace negotiation between the UK government, the Irish government and the Northern Ireland political parties signed in 1998. The agreement is under scrutiny as the UK looks to implement their exit from the European Union and how that might affect the power-sharing agreement for Northern Ireland.

Biden opposed Brexit while Johnson was a passionate proponent of it and ascended to Prime Minister largely to implement it. However, that is the very process that looks to endanger the peace agreement they both want to protect.

But the British government has worked hard to leave the best impression on the new American president. While at one time Biden called Johnsons a "physical and emotional clone" of Donald Trump, the two were able to be very friendly and begin the work on some joint projects.

And if Donald Trump got slighted along the way, who is really going to complain

The G7 summit continued with the nations' leaders addressing other concerns such as the vaccine rollout around the world. The group committed to one billion vaccines for the world's poorest nations.