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Lauren Boebert Tried To Shame Debate Moderator–But Got Shut Down Instead

Lauren Boebert Tried To Shame Debate Moderator–But Got Shut Down Instead
Brandon Bell / Getty Image

Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert had a hell of a time at a debate against her Democratic opponent, Adam Frisch, on Saturday. Before the event even truly began, Boebert managed to cause enough drama to get booed by the crowd.

When the participants were asked if they understood and agreed to the rules of the debate, Frisch agreed readily—but Boebert proceeded to derail the whole thing by attacking the moderator, Edie Sonn, instead.

"Edie, can you please disclose to the audience that you publicly supported my 2020 Democrat candidate Dianne Mitch Bush, and can you please disclose any other roles that you have had with Democrat candidates in the past?"

Sonn, to her credit, took the comment in stride and expertly tried to redirect the conversation back to the debate.

Boebert wouldn't be deterred though:

"I believe that this is relevant because when I was invited, when I received the invitation to the Club 20 debate, Club 20, CMU and the Daily Sentinel said that they want to provide a nonpartisan forum tonight."

This prompted the crowd to boo her, and Sonn to further state her role before informing Boebert that she could simply end the debate before it began if she wouldn't cooperate with the process.

"Congresswoman Boebert, this is not about me tonight. This is about you and your opponent. I am here to ask, to be the traffic cop while these panelists ask questions and I respectfully ask that you respectfully agree to the terms of this debate."If you will not do so, then we can close things down right now."

Boebert finally agreed to follow the rules, but had to get the last word in.

"I am glad that everyone is aware that Club 20 has not chosen a non-partisan moderator."

You can view the clip from the debate below:

Twitter users tore into Boebert at least as badly as the booers in the crowd at the debate did.

Many expressed respect for how Sonn handled the situation.

Frisch also responded to the tweet, calling Boebert an embarrassment.

With election day fast approaching on November 8, we'll just have to wait and see how much more trouble Boebert can cause in the interim.