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Guy Hilariously Recreates That Viral 'Blue's Clues' Video With A Twist Ending For The Ages

Guy Hilariously Recreates That Viral 'Blue's Clues' Video With A Twist Ending For The Ages

If you were anywhere near the internet a couple weeks ago you likely saw the mega-viral video in which Steve from the iconic Nick Jr. series Blue's Clues resurfaced to give millennials a very special message.

Well, now we've got a whole new spin on that heartwarming reunion via actor and internet genius Monte Bell.

Bell recreated Steve's video with a whole new spin, seen below, that is so ingenious it sums up our times with one simple sentence. Stay to the end to laugh out loud while also gagging on the 2021 of it all!

The original video was created by Nick Jr. to celebrate the show's 25th anniversary.

In it, the actor who played Steve talked about his abrupt exit from the show, and celebrated everything both he and the audience have accomplished since those cherished Blue's Clues days. And, for an extra tug at the heartstrings, he closed it by saying he never stopped thinking about his Blues Clue's fans. Aww.

It was one of those moments where you realize how quickly the time goes and taps directly into nostalgia for simpler, bygone times. Bell's recreation does the exact same thing, but from a much darker--and arguably more realistic--angle.

He perfectly nails the aesthetic of Steve's video--from the baseball hat/clunky glasses/rugby shirt ensemble right down to the loud wallpaper behind him--as well as the heartfelt, nostalgic sentiment.

As he puts it:

"What I did was, I went and got a job, which was very interesting because it taught me so many cool things. But throughout all of those years, I never stopped thinking of you. Ever."

But then he takes an abrupt--and quintessentially 2021--turn.

"In fact, this entire time I've been trying to reach you regarding your vehicle's extended warranty."

*headdesk*There is sadly nothing more relatable nowadays than vehicle warranty spam, is there? If you reflexively screamed "I DON'T EVEN OWN A CAR" you're not alone!

On Facebook, people were downright triggered by Bell's take, in the best way.

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Okay, see you later, we're off to self-soothe with some old Blue's Clues reruns because this was entirely too real!