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Black Healthcare Worker Stunned As Patient Says 'Let's See You Read' And Asks About Her 'Master'

Black Healthcare Worker Stunned As Patient Says 'Let's See You Read' And Asks About Her 'Master'

A Certified Nursing Assistant on TikTok posted a video of a patient asking about her "master" and if she can read.

The video's caption read:

"The racism I experienced today was uncanny."

The video posted by Marleena (@modestlymarleena) has over 1.1 million likes and 4.5 million views.

On the screen, Marleena wrote:

"They will forever everything BUT racism."
"She thought I had a master because I was 'so well behaved.'"

The patient said something that can't be heard well, but Marleena shakes her head and tells her she doesn't have a "master."

She calmly replied:

"I'm my own master."
"Yeah, I'm free."

The patient responded, "Okay."


Then the patient said:

"Lets see you read."

She said it as if she was implying Marleena didn't know how to read.

Marleena looked stunned and said:

"Let's see me read?"
"I know how to read."

The text on the screen read:

"We all know what they did to POC who knew how to read."
"She said it in a condescending manner as if I didn't know how to read."

During slavery, literacy of enslaved people was considered a threat to the systems and beliefs that upheld slavery. Many states in the south enacted laws that prevented enslaved people from learning to read and write and penalized anyone caught teaching them.


The reaction from commenters was equally stunned.

Some praised Marleena for the way she responded.




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Marleena followed up with a part two.

She began to joke with her patient.

She asked:

"Do you like Black people?"

The patient responded she did in fact love Black people.

The patient asked:

"How did you know?"

Marleena replied:

"Because you're smart."

The woman continued:

"Dark people are peculiar people."
"They're so sweet, but they're so sexy."

Marleena couldn't help but laugh at that one.

Marleena joked the patient's going to get herself a Black man to date and the patient responded she might do it.

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Marleena commented on part two there might be a part three coming, so keep your eyes peeled for the update.