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Billie Eilish Stops Concert To Help Fan Struggling To Breathe: 'We're Taking Care Of Our People'

Billie Eilish Stops Concert To Help Fan Struggling To Breathe: 'We're Taking Care Of Our People'

Billie Eilish cares enough about her adoring fans enough to stop a show.

Because, priorities.

This was evidenced by thousands in attendance at her Happier Than Everconcert Saturday night at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta when she noticed one of her concertgoers was having difficulty breathing.

More concerned about the fan's health, Eilish stopped the show so she could get the audience member an inhaler.

"Do we have an inhaler?" she asked while looking around as the house lights came up. "Can we just grab one?"

A video of the moment shared on @wishyouwerebil's Instagram page went viral.

"We got one. It's okay, we got one," the singer assured the fan.

Eilish also asked audience members in the vicinity to "give [the fan] some time...don't crowd" while members of the security team gathered at the scene.






Another clip of the startling moment from a different angle was shared on social media in which Eilish was heard telling the crowd:

"We’re taking care of our people, hold on. I wait for people to be OK until I keep going."

WARNING: explicit language

Some people in the comments interpreted the singer's remark about "taking care of people" as a dig at rapper Travis Scott, whose Astroworld Festival tragedy last November resulted in the deaths of at least 10 concertgoers and hundreds more injured during a stampede of people surging towards the stage.

But Instagrammer @wishyouwerebil, who was presumably at Eilish's show on Saturday night, assured that was not the case.

They wrote in the comments:

"She [Eilish] didn’t mention anyone. the articles put his name in this bc they need a headline, but she didn’t."
"She just stated that she cares for her fans bc she does and she has been stopping shows for YEARS when she sees someone hurt. again, she didn’t mention anyone else’s name, this is just what SHE does."
"if this situation made you think of someone else, that’s on them not her."

This was not the first time Eilish came to the defense of a fan.

Last year, a clip from a performance in 2018 resurfaced in which she stopped the show to give a bottle of water to a woman in the audience who was passing out.

In another viral clip, the attentive singer called out security during last September's Governor's Ball in New York.

"Security, why are you not paying attention?" she yelled into the crowd, mid-song. "Like for real."

The woman at the Atlanta concert seemed to be okay and remained for the rest of the performance.

The love Eilish has for her fans is next level.