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People Break Down The Biggest Lies They've Ever Fallen For

Reddit user WattAtWork asked: 'What's the biggest lie you've fallen for?'

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Liar, liar, pants on fire.

There's a lot of reasons people lie.

Some are malicious, some are pranks, some are cultural traditions.

Reddit user WattAtWorkasked:

"What's the biggest lie you've fallen for?"

Cheat Code

"Once, as a child, they told me that in the game GTA Vice City there is a secret code for winter to appear. I even wrote it on a piece of paper."

"For a long time I thought that I was simply entering the cheat code incorrectly..."

~ ColorfulGarland


"'I'm not having an affair, I think I'm asexual'.—My ex-wife who certainly was having an affair, and not in the slightest bit asexual."

~ Copytechguy

Truth Hurts

"If you tell me the truth I won't get mad."

~ Justanotherkiwi21

Corporate Culture

"'We value you as our employee and the people working here are the most important thing to us'."

~ c_bolt

Dysfunctional Family

"'Here at [company] our team is like a family'."

"I don't want to know what management who says this sh*t does to their actual families on the daily if this is true in their minds."

~ Istoh

Croc Talk

"When I was a kid, we would often drive a town over to visit my cousins. One of the roads passed through some ponds, one of which had a peculiar-looking branch that had fallen over."

"I always noticed it, would point it out to everyone in the car, and one day my dad said it was a 'crocomigator' as a joke since we had just watched some Crocodile Dundee before heading out."

"In my head it made sense. I knew how alligators could lay dormant for months at a time with a low heart rate, so the fact it wouldn't move just meant he was hibernating."

"Years go by, parents split, my dad passes away, still look out for this crocimigator, get to high school, still looking out at the pond to look at this fallen tree not really remembering why."

"Then one day, I am like 19, my mom, brother and I are driving on the same road, I instinctively check the pond and it's not there. The memories flooded back and I say 'goddamn it'."

"My mom asked me what was wrong, and it took me a bit to stop laughing, but I explained the story of the 'crocomigator,' and we all laughed at how a silly-looking log in the water and my dad managed to trick me for years."

~ Wajina_Sloth

Stone Cold

"When I was a kid, my siblings convinced me that Medusa lived in our attic."

~ Free-Industry701

Get The Garlic

"When I was about 10, our next door neighbour noticed that it looked like there was some kind of storage chest under our house."

"He told me Dracula lived in it. I couldn't sleep for a few days after that."

"He was a bit of a sh*t stirrer sometimes."

~ pjdubbya


"That each second between lightning and thunder is a mile."

"It was in my third year of physics degree that I learned my entire life was a lie."

"It's 5 seconds per mile, by the way."

~ Stampede_the_Hippos

School Daze

"That getting a Masters in a STEM field would get me a great salary job."

~ Alternative_Cash_736

"That going to college would guarantee a good job."

~ shadowreaper50


"You're gonna scare the fish away—shut up."

~ Nemoty_animates06

"That's one of the final chapters of unlocking adulthood."

"When you realize that grandpa wanted you to keep your mouth shut so he could enjoy some goddamn peace and quiet for once."

~ DakInBlak

Spot On

"My dad has a bald spot, and when I was a kid, he told me and my siblings that he got it from going to bed while chewing gum, and they had to cut it out the next day

"You bet your a** none of us ever went to bed with gum after that."

~ Brianthepartyanimal


"That suppressing your feelings makes you a 'man'."


"Seriously. If I knew I would accomplish more battles with an open heart, it would have been different."

"Some of us are raised like that for someone else's gratification."

~ OwnDraft2065

"More like systemic insecurity. Misogyny as well."

"If we stay toxically 'stoic', we can call women 'irrational'."


Well Rounded

"That focusing on education—rather than on developing social skills and meaningful connections—will be enough to lead a fulfilling and prosperous life."

"Thanks, mom—you had the best intentions."

~ Mind101

Santa Stalker

"That a fat guy in a red suit travelled the entire world in one night in a sleigh pulled by magic flying reindeer delivering presents to all the good kids."

"But only the good kids, bad kids can get bent. And he knows who is who because he's always watching."

~ sev45day

What's the biggest lie you fell for?