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People Who Knowingly Slept With Someone In A Relationship Divulge Whether They Regret It

Reddit user Street_Ad_7646 asked: 'Men/Women who slept with another person, KNOWING the other person had a BF/GF, how did you feel? Any regret at all for the other person's SO?'

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Single people sometimes just want to hook up with no strings attached.

And if the person is willing to get under the bed sheets with them, regardless of their relationship status, it's all good, right?

Hindsight is 20/20, but those who knowingly slept with someone in a relationship may feel conflicted about their impulsive decision after the passion ran its course and the candles went out.

Or not.

Curious to hear from those who got their satisfaction in the heat of the moment and thought about it afterward,Street_Ad_7646 asked:

"Men/Women who slept with another person, KNOWING the other person had a BF/GF, how did you feel? Any regret at all for the other person's SO?"

Unexpected friendships were forged out of deception.

Swindled Lover

"She told me they were only still together for the kids sake, and they were essentially separated. She painted a picture of a terrible, controlling man, and also said they can see whoever they want. I bit. Started hooking up regularly."

"One day I got a call from a very nice man, her husband. He was worried about her and heard around town she was with me. We had a long talk, turns out she was a liar and he is an amazing guy."

"So we set up a plan. I invited her out for drinks and told him where and when. The look on her face when she realized it was a set up."

"I was pissed she put me in that situation, but the payoff was worth it. Now the dude is still a social media friend. He’s remarried with a much nicer wife and his ex is still trouble/drama at the local bars.""

– chrishooley

Meeting The Rival

"This reminds me: A long time ago I and this other dude were rivals for a really beautiful woman. Like he was her ex but she'd been going with me and he wanted her back, something like that."

"I finally met this other guy and we hit it off immediately, he was a great guy."

"So, I 'won' the affections of the woman. We broke up after 6 months but the other guy and I have been close friends for over 30 years!"

– f4snks

Ex's Acquaintance

"Not exactly the same thing, but I also met a close friend because of a girl. About twenty years ago, I met a guy only because he was dating an acquaintance of my ex. The girls bumped into each other somewhere and decided the four of us should get together for dinner one night."

"Our respective relationships did not work out, but he became like a brother to me and I was best man at his wedding years later. He ended up moving away for a job and I don’t see him often, but anytime we get to hang out, it feels like no time has passed and we still hang out all the time."

– Legohenry

"I was the other guy. I believed the story a lot hVe been given. "My partner abuses me, I'm leaving them." I fell for it and lost a career because of it."

– Theonetruepappy94

Origins Of A Bromance

"Ironically, it’s how i met my best friend. I and this girl started an FWB-type of relationship. I found out she was dating my friend, so I got his number from asking around and called him. I told him everything, and he said 'i’ll call you back.'”

"I thought he was gonna kill me. Instead, she texted back 'You f'kin’ dick' and he called me and said 'want to be my new friend' and we’ve been brothers since."

– RichiE96

Karma doesn't play favorites

Lesser Of Two Evils

"I’ve been on both sides of this coin and they both feel sh**ty but getting cheated on definitely hurt more but that was probably the karma."

– Bright_Lab2422

There Are Consequences

"I was cheated on and then I took the person back, and then I cheated on them and they found out and left me. I think the cheating on them was a reaction to the lost trust and just going buck wild. I never slept with anyone just talked to women a lot."

"She never slept with anyone as far as I know but planned to leave me for her cousin."

– Roltistotem

The Pain Of Being Cheated On

"I was knowingly the other person with 2 older women while I was in college. I've never cheated on a partner but I've been cheated on by a fiancee. Worst pain I've ever experienced. And part of me thinks I probably deserve it because I was knowingly with married women."

– mineral_water_69

Lesson were learned.

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

"Hella regret. I hate that I did it and wish I can go back and make the opposite choice."

– NerdInLurkingArmor

"I’ve felt bad when I didn’t know and only found out after the act. The one time I did it knowing I didn’t care because I’d witnessed him being an abusive a**hole."

– jesterinancientcourt

Tired Excuses

"I was given the 'oh she’s really toxic and abusive, I’m trying to leave her anyways' story. I was stupid and fell for it, he made it so believable. I get home look at Snapchat and he’s posting all this lovey dovey stuff with her on his story, they were about to go on a roadtrip too."

"I asked him about it then got blocked on his and her social media. I feel bad and I hope that girl got away from him. Never ever fall for the 'I’m leaving them anyways' bs, it’s never true."

– coloradancowgirl

The Same Hurtful Lies

"I met a friend of a friend. We hit it off and I ended up at her place. Didn’t know she was married until I got there but she told me that she had cheated on him before and the relationship was basically over and she had plans of telling him she wanted a divorce."

"A couple years later and they’re still together and have a kid. I don’t have any regrets for the husband but I wish I could go back and know I was being lied to."

– hyper_snyper

Backup Plan

"I have copies of my divorce papers to ease someone’s mind. It’s a sad world we live in, but when you say you are divorced and you are a dude, need to back it up so they do not have that lingering question in their mind. Especially if you are trying some of the dating sites to talk to someone."

– RecycledDonuts

And sometimes, it's just sex.

Free Pass

"I had a weird one. Pretty girl at work is engaged. Turns out her fiancé wants to each have one last 'hall pass' before they get married. So she picks me."

"He goes out of town to a friends wedding where he (theoretically) was going to hook up with one of the girls there."

"She came to my house that Friday and we had amazing sex."

"He ended up swinging and missing on the girl out of town."

"Did I feel bad? Nahhhh"

– Heyitsfanman

Wild Wedding Weekend

"Was in Tampa for a wedding and hooked up with one of the wedding guests who happened to be married and older. I was 32 at the time and she was 44 but looked younger and was gorgeous with a very fit body. I felt awesome til I discovered the guy she was there with was her husband lol."

"Then, I got nervous but it turned out they were in an open marriage and had 2 homes, one that was his and the other, hers, and I wound up spending the weekend with her and having fun. It was definitely a wild experience and I would have felt bad, but all parties including the husband, were good with it, so I chalk it up to a wild wedding weekend experience. Funny enough, we’ve gotten together every time I visit my friends in Florida. Truly, a different kind of people there."

– DarkMatterWanderer

Findout Out Afterward

"I recently found out that I was 'the other woman', I didn't know while it was going on."

"I've been through about every emotion."

"I have no regrets, but now I am making sure that he sorts his sh*t out."

– onlyspiderwebs

Unless there's an agreement, people in committed relationships seeking clandestine pleasure are committing adultery, and to lie to the other person they're hooking up with about their status is manipulative.

Don't be these people.

Because karma comes around.