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Big Bird Announced That He's Suddenly Very Tiny—And The Reactions Are Hilariously Intense

After Big Bird announced on X, formerly Twitter, that he is no longer big and doesn't know why, the internet came in with some classic reactions.

Small Big Bird

Social media has been buzzing lately with some of the greatest concerns of our time.

Between the Barbie Oscar snubs and the impending "Will Taylor Swift make it to Vegas in time for the Super Bowl" dilemma, we didn't realize the internet had the capacity for another substantial worry, but here we are.

Big Bird is small, and he needs our help.

The formerly large bird took to X, formerly Twitter, last week to deliver the news.

He tweeted:

"Uh oh! Does anyone know how to make me big Big Bird again?"

For the next seven days, Big Bird documented his journey as "just 'Bird."

Day two saw a plea for help.

"Day 2 of being tiny. Does this mean that I am now just 'Bird'?"
"Has anyone figured how to help me?"

By the third day, Big Bird shared his concern that even his pals couldn't see him.

On Day 4, he expressed his gratitude for an insect ride to his nest, but he still needed help.

On the fifth day, Just Bird was thankful to be "seen by all of you."

But he was, however, still tiny.

And people on social media did not take the situation lightly.


We just received an update, and all is well again.

Big (again) Bird just tweeted:

"I’m big again! What an adventure the last 7 days have been."
"I learned so much by seeing the world from a different perspective. @Elmo and so many other friends checked in on me."
"Thank you to all that checked in to #HelpBigBird. Today and everyday, let’s #HelpEachOther! 💛"

Whew, what a harrowing seven days. Hopefully, the world can rest easy once again.