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Biden Campaign Blasts Trump's Plan To Round Up Immigrants Into 'Detention Camps' If Elected

President Biden's campaign called out Trump's vow to round up millions of undocumented immigrants into 'detention camps' as 'extreme, racist, cruel.'

Joe Biden; Donald Trump
George Frey/Getty Images; James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump's rumored immigration policies, designed in collaboration with adviser Stephen Miller, have sparked controversy and concern as reports suggest a potential focus on aggressive measures if he secures a second term.

According to a New York Times article published on Saturday, Trump's envisioned strategies include rounding up millions of undocumented individuals and placing them in detention camps for deportation. The report outlines a series of proposed immigration policies if Trump wins a second term.

One major component involves the mass detention of undocumented individuals while they await deportation, with federal law enforcement and National Guard members reportedly being reassigned to assist in these operations.

Additionally, the reported proposals include denying automatic citizenship to babies born to undocumented parents and refusing visas to individuals with ideological views not aligned with Trump's preferences.

These proposals have prompted President Joe Biden's campaign to call them out for being "extreme," "racist," and "cruel" and express concerns about Trump and Miller aiming to instill fear and division within the nation.

The Biden campaign said the proposals underscore “the horrifying reality that awaits the American people” if Trump is “allowed anywhere near the Oval Office again," adding:

“These extreme, racist, cruel policies dreamed up by him and his henchman Stephen Miller are meant to stoke fear and divide us, betting a scared and divided nation is how he wins this election."
"Trump talks openly about his plans at rallies, and voters should take him at his word. He’s making the wrong bet."
"The American people chose unity over division and hope over fear in 2020 when they elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and sent Donald Trump packing, and they’ll do it again next year.”

Many have echoed the Biden campaign's concerns and condemned Trump's fascist proposals.

If implemented, the proposed immigration policies would mark a continuation of some of the most contentious measures from Trump's first term, particularly those associated with Miller.

The prospect of mass detentions and restrictive immigration measures has ignited concerns among advocacy groups and raised questions about the potential impact on vulnerable communities.

Miller himself told the Times that Trump "will unleash the vast arsenal of federal powers to implement the most spectacular migration crackdown" and rejected criticisms from immigration advocates, saying they "won’t know what’s happening.”