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The Woman Behind the Squat-&-Stare Meme Embraces Her Newfound Celebrity


In the fast paced world of the internet, new memes are born and die on a daily basis. Some of them never get off the ground, others enjoy brief success before being forgotten a month later, and some endure the test of time and come to represent a universally experienced emotion for all people throughout the digital universe (here's looking at you, socially awkward penguin).

Something very few people have a chance to experience, however, is what it's like to BE a meme. What if you were the actual Overly Attached Girlfriend, or the Good Guy Greg of whom these now-ubiquitous photos were taken? Some may shy away from the strange internet fame they've stumbled into, but others embrace it, such as the subject of Twitter's newest star: the Squat-and-Stare meme.

You know a meme is taking off when you can't seem to escape it...

But who exactly is the woman featured in the meme? Where did she come from? What does she stand for?

It actually didn't take that long to figure out.

Here's the original picture that birthed a meme!

@Solo_Kalin has become an internet celebrity practically overnight.

Her admirers are numerous and devoted!

Why fight a wave of adulation?

@Solo_Kalin is embracing the meme life while she can! When the time comes, we all should.

H/T - Twitter, The Fader