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Ben Shapiro Claims U.S. Military Abandoned 'Traditional Masculinity'—And Everyone's Making The Same Point

Ben Shapiro Claims U.S. Military Abandoned 'Traditional Masculinity'—And Everyone's Making The Same Point
The Ben Shapiro Show

Right-wing provocateur Ben Shapiro was mocked profusely after he claimed the United States military has abandoned "traditional masculinity" and declared wars are best fought by “typically very patriotic, very male people.”

Shapiro has never served in the military.

But he definitely has strong opinions about what should and should not be allowed, arguing the military has abandoned "traditional" masculine roles he believes are essential to its functions.

You can hear what Shapiro said in the video below.

Shapiro said:

“People who tend to fight wars are very patriotic, very male people."
"Traditional masculinity has been core to that idea. But we’re a society that doesn’t believe in traditional masculinity.”
"Traditional masculinity is an opponent because traditional masculinity requires roles."
"It says that men are supposed to protect, they are supposed to defend. Men are supposed to be strong. Men are supposed to be fathers and husbands."
"These are apparently very bad things now. You're not supposed to say these things."

It was pretty clear Shapiro had no idea what he was talking about, as evidenced by the following tweet from Illinois Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger. Kinzinger attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force and Wisconsin Air National Guard and flew missions during Operation Iraqi Freedom before embarking on a political career.

Kinzinger asked Shapiro probably the most important question:

"What branch were you?"

Shapiro's comments prompted many to wonder the same given his very strong and vocal opinions on how the military should and should not conduct itself.

Shapiro has previously made headlines for similar remarks.

Earlier this month, he garnered criticism after he claimed Democratic President Joe Biden has an "equity agenda" and wants to put LGBTQ+ astronauts on the moon, describing the possibility as something that "sounds like a bad pornography."

Shapiro's comments came after the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced it would reschedule the launch of its next-generation megarocket Artemis 1 due to inclement weather as well as the discovery by NASA engineers of a temperature problem with one of the booster's core-stage engines.

He went on to mock Vice President Kamala Harris who had earlier remarked the "key to space exploration" is to send a diverse group of people. Shapiro said Harris was implying "the most qualified people" would not be sent on the Artemis 1 mission.