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Theory That All The Great Batman Actors Share A Common Prominent Feature Sparks Recommendations For Who Should Take Over The Role

On January 31st, it was confirmed that Ben Affleck would step down from his role as Batman in upcoming DC universe films, which of course sparked a major question on Twitter:

who will be the next to step into the cowl?

While no one knows for certain who will "become the night" in future films, author G. Willow Wilson realized something about successful Batmen that might help Warner Brothers's casting directors.

They shared their revelation on Twitter.

It's all.


The eyebrows!

The less eyebrows on the actor, the less successful his Batman.

Using the eyebrow principal, Twitter users suggested who might be a good fit for the next caped crusader.

Of course, there was one successful prince of darkness who wasn't made of brows.

Then again...

There are many worthy actors sporting a strong eyebrow game.

Some suggestions were less conventional than others...

But Twitter definitely agreed that eyebrows should be taken into account when the new Batman is chosen.

They also admitted, however, that it may be wise to consider other factors as well.

Could it be possible that the "eyebrow principal" isn't 100% accurate?

No, that's impossible—it's all about the eyebrows!

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The Dark Knight will return...