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Conservatives Dragged For Believing Satirical Story About Google Maps Removing Georgia

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Georgia has been in the news over the recent voting rights bill that was signed into law.

On Facebook, an article by The Babylon Bee went viral entitle "Google Removes Entire State Of Georgia From Google Maps," and a lot of conservatives fell for it.

The Babylon Bee is a satirical sight, similar to The Onion, but focuses on "Christian stuff, political stuff, and everyday life," as stated on their about page.

The article that fooled conservatives stated:

"Starting today, the state of Georgia will be replaced with a blue body of water labeled "Sea of Racism" on all Google Maps platforms."

Some Facebook users checked the source before believing the claim at face value.

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But a few people did not understand the satirical nature of the article.

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The caption on the post says:

"We at Google are taking a stand against Georgia's racist voter ID law."

The mention of voter ID's sent the comments into a debate about ID laws, though that is only small part of the bill. The majority of issues lie with the restrictions on absentee ballots, ballot boxes, and provisional ballots, among other things.

Hopefully, the commenters will still use Google after this to learn more about what's actually in the bill.