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Mom Hilariously Rips Husband For Filming Daughter Saying 'Mama' For First Time With Filter On

TikToker @subparmommy had viewers cackling after she realized the moment was ruined by an obnoxious filter.

Mom shares how husband ruined baby's first time saying "Mama" by using photo filter

A common complaint among mothers is the dismal amount of photos that have been taken of them since they became mothers.

While moms frequently take pictures of their kids, on average days and while completing milestones, as well as pictures of their partners with their children, the moms often feel left out and excluded.

It's not rare to find a teenager or young adult who has only a handful of pictures of their moms, who spent their time behind the camera.

But now with advancing social media features, the picture not being taken may not be a mom's core concern anymore.

TikToker @subparmommy, for example, can go back through her videos and listen to her daughter say, "Mama," for the very first time as many times as she wants.

But viewing the video is a whole other matter entirely.

The TikTok mom has since hilariously put her husband on blast, because he was filming their daughter crawling around what appeared to be their living room.

He managed to catch the magical "Mama" moment on video, but not without using a photo filter first.

The mom now considers the moment to be ruined forever, because her daughter looks more like a zombie or undead doll in the video than like her beloved baby.

The video quickly went viral, especially among parents who could understand a moment like this being changed forever because of a video effect. Moms, too, could appreciate the irony of a special moment like this actually being caught on camera, which so many of us feel like never happens, only for the moment to be messed up with the filter.

But looking beyond that, many were hilariously surprised by the filter and could not stop laughing about it.

The video quickly garnered serious attention and went viral, so much so that the TikTok mom actually took the original video down, because all of the attention made her "anxious somehow," according to one of her TikTok comments.

While the TikTok community would love to see the mom repost the video, it seems at this point that they're more interested in what will come next, or more importantly, how her husband will creatively transform their next most beloved milestone.