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This Assessment Of What Millennial Culture Boils Down To Is Hilariously Spot On, And Twitter Feels Very Attacked

Getty Images // @MsSiobhann/Twitter

Being a millennial is difficult, okay?

Our money doesn't stretch as far as that of our parents did, many of us are underemployed even with college degrees, lack health insurance and other benefits, carry way too much debt thanks to predatory lending practices, spend far too much time on Tinder and pray for the sweet release of death before the horrors of climate change whisk us away from this mortal coil.

But there's one single assessment of what millennial culture boils down to that is hilariously spot on.

And all you need is a $20 bill.

It makes sense, doesn't it? Consider:

Okay, many of us do this, too.

See how that works?


But... but why?

It fits!


Take note, everyone.

Okay, we guess you can have it now.

There are so many think pieces out there about what it means to be a millennial and those are all well and good, but this?

This makes us feel seen.