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Apple's Streaming Service May Be Arriving Sooner Than We Anticipated

Apple's Streaming Service May Be Arriving Sooner Than We Anticipated
Apple // @panzer/Twitter

Rumors of an Apple spring event appear to be true.

The tech giant will have its next event on March 25th at the Steve Jobs theater on its Cupertino campus. Could this mean Apple's streaming service is arriving more quickly than we anticipated?

In a piece for AppleInsider, writer William Gallagher examines the evidence that we'll be hearing about the new streaming service:

Continuing Apple's penchant for cryptic invitations, the one for the March 25 event is headed "It's show time." The invitation isn't a static image, though, nor is it quite like last October's event where hundreds of different images were then made into an animation. This time Apple ran an old-style film countdown before unveiling a regular white Apple logo on a black background.

Given the word 'show' and the film-style intro, it does look as if this event will be all about Apple's forthcoming video service.

However, all prior rumors about the event have suggested that the real highlight of the launch will instead be Apple's subscription service of newspapers and magazines. AppleInsider questioned this, though. If Apple does launch its video service at all, it will surely bring to the stage some of the celebrity talent that we know is working on programming for it.

The streaming video service is said to begin from April or May this year. The news service, according to a recent Wall Street Journal report, could be a single monthly bundled subscription.

Rumors that Apple will launch a 7th-Gen Apple iPod Touch have also begun to circulate

"Cementing the rumours is the recent findings in the iOS 12.2 beta. The OS version was said to feature the new icon of the iPod, that has an all-screen design," reportsTimes of India's Robin Sinha. Additionally, a low-cost iPad, brand-new iPad Mini, and AirPods with a wireless charging case are said to be in the works, too.

But it's that streaming service that's really gotten people going, and if all goes well, it could prove a viable competitor to both Disney, Netflix, and others on the market. Opinions, however, are mixed.

Your move, Apple. Let's see if this is worth it.