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Someone Created An App That Turns Your Words Into SpongeBob Meme Text 😂

Nickelodeon Animation Studios, @samir (Twitter)

Samir Mezrahi is the brilliant mind behind the hilarious Kale Salad Twitter account as well as the creator of the blank song that will save you the embarrassment that comes when plugging your phone into a car's audio system.

His latest invention is tRuLy SpEcTaCuLaR.

Mezrahi's newest invention is an app called sPoNGeCaSe and it solves the pesky issue of alternating between caps and lowercase that all Mocking SpongeBob memers love.

Not sure what I'm talking about?

Here's an example.

Samir announced the nEw ApP on his Twitter yesterday.

At this time, the app is only available on iOS (maybe because the operating system almost uses sPoNGeCaSe in its name?) and it costs $0.99 to download.

Many people are deterred by its steep price.

Others feel like it's late to the trend.

But mostly people are oBsEsSEd.

mEmeRy JuST goT eAsiER, yALl.