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Anti-Vaxxers Defy Lockdown Orders To March Against The 'Tyranny' Of Being Forcibly Vaccinated

Anti-Vaxxers Defy Lockdown Orders To March Against The 'Tyranny' Of Being Forcibly Vaccinated
Dan Dicks / Twitter

A small group of strangers gathered on Easter Sunday to defy lockdown orders and march in protest of what they call the "tyranny" of Canada's pandemic response. The group, lead by a staunch anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist, included an adult over 70 as well as a child.

Obviously, they did not heed social distancing warnings, opting instead to huddle together and potentially expose one another as they "marched" through Vancouver.

Protest organizer Susan Standfield-Spooner believes that the pandemic is "the elites'" way of stripping people of their rights so that they can forcibly vaccinate them. She has also stated that she believes the virus itself is real, but that it's simply infectious rather than deadly.

Susan says it's just "like herpes."


Interestingly, the vaccine thing is only part of why Susan is so angry. She says the government's social distancing mandates are tyrannical and have personally ruined her life by causing her to lose 80% of her income.

Susan Standfield-Spooner had this to say:

"I grew up, you know, in the status quo world of opportunity. I'm educated, have a wealthy background, whatever, but not right now. Right now, personally, I'm in the loser group."

Let's be real, that's the most Susan Standfield-Spooner thing anyone has ever said. People are dying and miss Susan Standfield-Spooner is mad because she can't live in her "world of opportunity" for a few weeks?

Did we catch that correctly?


Susan Standfield-Spooner (which is our new favorite insult, by the way) had no qualms about potentially exposing the at-risk people who attended her rally. According to her it was their choice to show up to her event. Which, we guess, is technically true except for the child who could not possibly have consented 'cause, ya know, child.

Step away from the child!

Dan Dicks / Twitter

As for the elderly who attended, Susan is cool with whatever. She brushed off concerns over the eldest attendee's potential exposure by saying "I think she's more likely to die from a car accident in Canada." Factually speaking, there were around 150 car accident fatalities in Canada per month last year. The pandemic has killed almost 800 people in Canada in the last month.

Way off, Susan. But maybe not as off as another person at the rally? When asked about what kind of tyrannical behavior they were protesting, this person didn't mention forced vaccinations (which are not a thing) or Susan's lost privilege. They didn't talk about lost income or increased homelessness or anything like that.

Nope. Just shopping.

"Waiting in lines outside of stores is not normal—we don't want it anymore, and it needs to stop."


Susan and her very confused friends marched carrying a sign (yeah, just one. so cute!) with an illustration of the virus structure and the words "Fake News" underneath. Among them to document the rally was Dan Dicks, who one article describes as "a bit player in the Canadian conspiracy scene."

Which is our new new favorite insult, by the way.

So we've got Anti-vax Susan and her shopping buddy, Dan With The Bit Part, and the little girl who could totally go for some social distancing. There was also an elderly person in a Guy Fawkes mask, a dude with a cane, and then this person who maybe is protesting...but maybe just trying to walk down the street and has no idea who these people are.

Either way, befuddled.

Dan Dicks / Twitter

Video of the march made its way to Twitter, as it does.

Where people wasted no time commencing the roast-fest.

Susan says this was just a trial run and there will be more marches against vaccines and shopping lines and being poor and Kool-Aid or whatever. Can't wait.