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Prominent Anti-Vaxxer Dragged For Saying Drinking Your Own Urine Is The 'Antidote' For The Virus

Prominent Anti-Vaxxer Dragged For Saying Drinking Your Own Urine Is The 'Antidote' For The Virus

Anti-vaxxers continue ignoring proven scientific data to promote their own remedies in combating COVID-19.

Examples of false quick fixes for the disease included injecting hydroxychloroquine, bleach, and the anti-parasite drug used for livestock deworming, Ivermectin–which the FDA strongly advised against in treating or preventing infection.

Now, another bizarre solution to fighting off COVID-19 was suggested by Christopher Key, the leader of an anti-vax organization known as the “Vaccine Police."

Key, who is from Alabama, claimed in a video posted on his Telegram app account that a "probable" antidote effective in fighting COVID-19 was–wait for it–"Urine Therapy."

Yes, he admitted to guzzling his own pee to protect himself from the virus.

"God's given us everything we need," he asserted in the video.

Key went on to allege that “This [urine therapy] has been around for centuries."

"We’ve got research after research, documented, peer-reviewed published papers on urine! We do, we have this."

Key admitted he was not a medical doctor but said:

“I’ve been drinking my own urine for the past 23 years, and I’m, still alive.”

Needless to say, Twitter users were taking the piss out of the wacky anti-vaxxer.

Warning: explicit language.

Others continued dragging him for filth.

Comedian and political satirist, Brent Terhune, "demonstrated" the result after taking a drink of his man-made elixir.

"Be your own [barrister,]" he said, before taking a swig.

And in case there were any gullible people, warnings were issued.

According to The Daily Beast, Key found himself behind bars in a Jefferson County Jail in Birmingham, Alabama last week after getting a third-degree criminal trespassing charge.

The anti-vaccine organization leader had also been on a road trip mission endeavoring to conduct citizen arrests of Democratic state governors for their vaccine mandates.

Key reportedly "served" packets of documents in which he called COVID-19 vaccinations a "bioweapon."

To explain how he possessed the authority to arrest governors, Key argued:

“The government is we the people."
"That is the government!”