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Anti-Mask Man Throws Tantrum In Grocery Store And Has To Be Carried Out By His Own Son

Anti-Mask Man Throws Tantrum In Grocery Store And Has To Be Carried Out By His Own Son

A new viral video shows a man so belligerent about a grocery store's mask policy that he has to be picked up and carried out of the store by his son.

The man repeatedly yells that the virus is fake and calls employees and bystanders an offensive, ableist term for wearing masks.

WARNING: video contains NSFW language

The incident happened in a store in Tucson, Arizona. The man is accompanied by three young men, at least one of whom is believed to be his son.

In the video, the man repeatedly insists the pandemic isn't real and seems mystified and enraged that people won't "learn" the truth.

"People won't learn, these people won't learn."

He then insults everyone who's masked.

"You're a bunch of idiots wearing masks, you know it's not real!"

As the man becomes more agitated, his invective becomes more and more intense and profane.

"Look at you fools, you got a f*cking doily on your face. You ret*rd, you look like you f*cking got it off your mom's countertop."

Someone in the background can be heard asking the man, "You feel better now?" as his son tries to move him toward the door and get him to leave. At this point a tall man in a mask approaches the group and tells the man he needs to stop yelling at people.

The man then begins threatening the tall masked man as his son begins shoving him toward the door.

"You're a dork, look at you, you giant f*cking dork. Come outside and show me how tough you are. I'll beat that f*cking mask off your face!"

It's then that his son picks him up like a giant toddler and carries him out of the store. The man never stops screaming invective.

"F*cking p*ssies, you're all a bunch of p*ssies wearing masks!"

On Twitter, people couldn't help but laugh at how absurd the situation became.

But not everyone found it funny.

The man has not been identified, and it's not known if police were called.