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TV Reporter Who Peeled Fruit For Her Child During Live TV Segment Hails Normalization Of Working Parents


A reporter who was peeling a tangerine for a child as she appeared on a TV news broadcast says it is a sign that being a working parent is becoming more accepted.

Anna Holligan featured on a segment on BBC World News comparing the pandemic in different locations around Europe.

Speaking from the Hague, Ms. Holligan updated viewers about the rising infection rate in the Netherlands while attending to a youngster in a cargo bike.

After the clip was put online, foreign correspondent Ms. Holligan said it was not something she would have felt as comfortable doing before lockdown.

She tweeted:

“Ok, didn't realize I was actually in vision while peeling a (tangerine)."
“[The pandemic] has normalized working parenthood."
“Live TV request clashed with school run."
“In the past I might have said no, this time I tried to juggle #workingmum #WFH."

People tipped their hats to Ms. Holligan for being a great example of a working parent.

The sight of news contributors' home and professional lives colliding has become increasingly common since lockdown as many are required to juggle the competing demands of parenthood and working life.

Last month, Tory MP Tom Tugendhat was interrupted twice by his children during an interview with Sky News, with his son Adam hoping to play with face paints.

And in July, Dr. Clare Wenham's daughter Scarlett got advice from BBC presenter Christian Fraser about where a picture of a unicorn should go as her mom tried to talk about the effects of local lockdowns.