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People Are Living So Hard For This $100 Jacket That It Has Its Own Instagram Full Of Stans

If you haven't heard of the Orolay Down Jacket, you're behind the times.

The jacket, which sells for $130 on Amazon, is described on the site as "windproof, warm and comfortable."

It turns out this description is so true that wearers decided to start an Instagram account devoted entirely to pictures of people in the Amazon coat!

The Instagram group is creatively called:


With a 4.2-star rating and 6,029 reviews, the coatt is a bona fide hit on Amazon, far surpassing the success of the site's other Orolay coats.

According to Elite Daily, It's been written about in "Bustle, Glamour, Teen Vogue, and Refinery 29," due to its ability to keep women comfy while still looking chic.


To show off the success of their beloved jacket, @Theamazoncoat is holding The Amazon Coat Challenge, where they hope to find an Orolay wearer in every one of the fifty states.

So far, they've already knocked off what one would imagine to be some of the more difficult areas: Texas, California, and Florida.

Although people in those states will readily admit they get out their arctic gear whenever the temperatures dip below 50 degrees.

Many Twitter users were either excited to try the coat or are wearing one RIGHT NOW.

There were, however, a few who didn't understand the hype.

Still, the coat is both fashionable and powerful...

At just over $130, many consider the jacket a steal—grab one before the polar vortex freezes over the entire country and get ready to take shelter inside of it!