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Amanda Seyfried Has An Idea For How To Reunite The 'Mean Girls' Cast—And It's Kind Of Brilliant

The actor sat down with her 'Mean Girls' costar Lindsay Lohan for 'Interview Magazine' and discussed the possibility of a sequel or reunion.

Amanda Seyfried
Taylor Hill/FilmMagi/GettyImages

Amanda Seyfried, who stars in Hulu's The Dropout, is determined to reunite with her Mean Girls costars to reprise their roles in another related project.

The Emmy Award-winning actress recently teamed up with Interview magazine for a meet-cute with Lindsay Lohan–who co-starred with Seyfried in the popular 2004 teen flick written by Tina Fey.

The discussion was primarily centered on Lohan's return to Hollywood on her own terms and promoting her new holiday movie on Netflix, Falling for Chrismas.

Other topics of discussion included Lohan's relocation to Dubai, life with her Kuwaiti-Lebanese hubby and the prospect of having kids together.

The women also reminisced about how Lohan was the only Mean Girls cast member still in high school during filming and how she would get angry when she had to return to her studies instead of hanging out with her castmates, who included Rachel McAdams and Lacey Chabert.

While on the subject of the movie that brought them together, Seyfried referenced the 2018 Broadway musical that Tina Fey adapted the libretto from her own script of the film.

"I would kill just to do one week, all of us playing our own roles on Mean Girls on Broadway."

She added:

"Because a Mean Girls 2 is never going to happen, is it?"

Lohan replied:

"I don’t know. I heard something about it being a movie musical and I was like, 'Oh no.' "
"We can’t do that. It has to be the same tone."

Seyfried agreed if anything was to come to fruition, it would have to be "completely different."

She continued:

"Anyway, Tina [Fey] is busy. She’ll get around to it."
"Listen, we’re all part of each other’s worlds whether we like it or not, and it is really nice to be in contact as adults."

When Seyfriend touched on the fact that she doesn't feel like a kid anymore, chalking it up to being older and more assertive in the industry, Lohan remarked they are both still seen as teenagers due to the success of having played the superficial high schoolers in Mean Girls.

Seyfried said of the comedy film in which she played Karen and Lohan played Cady:

"That was my first movie. You were in the middle of the whole thing and you created a really fun vibe."
"I didn’t know how good it was going to be."

In the past, Seyfriend admitted to balking when asked if she was in the popular film.

Nowadays, it seems she's singing a different tune when asked about the movie.

"Ten years ago I used to be like, 'Yeah, yeah, I was Karen in Mean Girls, for f'k’s sake.'”
"Now I’m like, 'I was Karen in Mean Girls!' I’m very proud of it. You had a lot to do with where it went and what it was."
"I don’t know if you know that. I’m sure you felt the pressure but it didn’t seem like you did."

While any prospect of a sequel to Mean Girls was shot down straight away, they can never say never.

In the realm of TV streaming, where reunion series based on nostalgic films and TV shows are routinely rolled out, it would be so fetch to see the Plastics come together and commiserate over raising their mean daughters.