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Alabama Neighborhood Gets A Shock After Spotting Kid Dressed As Real-Life Chucky Doll

Alabama Neighborhood Gets A Shock After Spotting Kid Dressed As Real-Life Chucky Doll
Rolf Konow/Sygma/Sygma/Getty Images

You always wonder how you’d react in a horror movie situation. Would you stay calm, and act rationally? Or would you panic and give in to fear?

An Alabama woman experienced both. Kendra Walden shared her close encounter with a scene straight out of a horror movie.

And while she was afraid, she also didn’t do anything rash.

The above Facebook post shared by Walden shows some pictures from her neighborhood. In it, a young child is dressed in a costume of Chucky, the serial killer trapped in the body of a doll.

Clearly spooked, Walden told TODAY:

“I was remodeling a house in the area and me and some of my employees were headed home from that house.”

They couldn’t believe it but took a closer look.

“When we got closer to him we saw that it was real. It scared the heck out of us.”

It scared the heck out of a lot of us.

While everyone in Walden’s car was ‘screaming like little kids’, the young boy dressed as Chucky was having the time of his life.

No, it’s not actually a homicidal doll. Instead, it’s a young boy named Jackson. His mother, Britnee Reed, said that he dressed as Chucky for Halloween, but it’s become a regular sight around the house and neighborhood.

Jackson loves horror movies and costumes. And he also enjoys making people laugh.

Reed was at work as the post was going viral. One of her coworkers showed her on her phone, saying it looked like something Jackson would do.

She said:

“I zoomed in and said, ‘Oh my goodness,’ that’s my kid!”

She called her mother who was watching Jackson and was reassured. The grandma helped Jackson into his costume and was watching him from the porch. He was never in danger.

The internet was divided on how scary or funny this was.

Reed was shocked at the reaction, but most commenters have recognized it was just a young boy having fun. As for Jackson, he’s just happy to be doing a good job.

He said:

“Tell them I was a good Chucky. And make sure you send my grandma a copy of the pictures, too.”